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Mikrotik WAN Failover with Twitter Notifications (Tutorial)

In some scenarios, you want to be able to failover to another WAN in case your main link goes down.
I prepared this tutorial to explain how to achieve that with RouterOS and the ability to send a notification using Twitter on Failover events.
How it works
Basically, the script will ping Google DNS every 5 minutes using the main route (wan1), if it fails to ping, the script will change the distance of the main route by setting the value to 3 or any value higher than the second route (wan2). If the link is back, it will change the distance back to the original value.
Setup Configure two WAN interfaces in the router. In my case I have them on ether1 and ether6 ports as the below diagrams.
Add two routes for both WANs with distance of 1 for the main WAN link and 2 for the backup link Then, created a new route entry that you will be using to test the internet connection on wan1 as it is your default wan connection and set the Distance to 100 and Route Mark to wan1_test Pre-r…

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